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Bristol, we’re spoiling you at the moment! In July we gave away 5 pieces of bespoke artwork, and in August we gave away £1000 to 5 lucky winners – and then matched it for their favourite charities! Safe to say the genies are feeling pretty generous. But we’re not stopping here. You’ve all been so lovely and welcoming as we’ve launched our brand new, totally free app this summer, so we’re saying thank you once again. Now you already know you can head to our app for some of the best deals and offers in Bristol – wait, you did know that, right? If you haven’t given it a go you can download for free on the Apple & Play Store now! (Psst – did we mention it’s free?)

So you’re going to university in Bristol, which makes perfect sense because you’re obviously a genius. Whether you’re off to be a UWE Winner or a UoB Baller, you’ve worked ridiculously hard to get to where you are, and you deserve to have the best time at uni as a result. You don’t need us to tell you that you’ve already made an amazing choice by choosing Bristol, but moving somewhere new is always a bit unnerving. You might already know Bristol pretty well or you might be a complete newbie; either way, the city will take on a whole new identity when you start to call it home.

spirini win £1000

Spirini is now one month old! We’ve been a busy bunch - bringing you the best and newest offers in Bristol, burying treasure across the city and finding out what makes you glad all over. Whew! But we’ve got a bit more magic up our sleeves. As a big thank you to Bristol for being so welcoming, we’re giving away £1000 from the 11th August over the course of four days. Yup, £1000! You'll be able to claim a share for yourself. What's more, we'll match it for your favourite Bristol charity!

cycle republic bristol

As UK cities go, Bristol is pretty darn bike-friendly. Sure, those Clifton hills might not feel particularly friendly, but you’ve got to give Bristol props for the hard work that’s been done to make this a greener city. So is it any wonder that Halfords chose to open up a branch of their snazzy new bike store, Cycle Republic, in Bristol? As all good cyclists know, a bike isn’t just a mode of transport – it’s a way of life. So, it’s important to a) take care of it and b) get the right bike in the first place. Cycle Republic, which has been open on Broadmead since the start of the year, can help you with both. We popped in recently to find out what they’re all about.